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Welcome to All in One Bonsai...a blog that aims to remind me of what I have forgotten. Over the years I have been finding out as much as I can about the art of bonsai. I hope the information in this blog will shed some light to the beginning bonsai enthusiast out there.

I saw some bonsai trees at a corner market one night in Taipei and asked the guy if he was willing to teach me how to create these miniature trees. He directed me to a night school where all the instruction was in Chinese. My Chinese ability is very ordinary at the least so although I was learning bits and pieces, I really wasn't getting all I wanted from the course. The best parts were when the teacher would start pruning a beautiful tree or when he showed us how to repot a bonsai. The mystery was still out there but my interest wasn't waning, if anything it fueled my motivation to find out more. And so I did.

Let the adventure begin...

Recently I have discovered the joy of pottery. Bonsai and pottery are close friends so it was only a matter of time before I was introduced to her. Welcome to All in One Bonsai...and pottery.

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Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Taipei Bonsai Exhibition 2014

And the Hits Just Keep on Coming...

It's amazing how fast the hours fly by.  All of a sudden it is November and time for the Taipei Annual Bonsai Exhibition.  The exhibition is running for two weeks and they have invited some very distinguished guests of the bonsai world.

I couldn't wait...

The great man and Mr. Kobayashi himself.
It was a brilliant surprise to see Mr. Kobyashi at the exhibition.  He has been all over many bonsai magazines I have read and his name is familiar to all lovers of bonsai, especially in Japan.  He is a short man but very polite and humble.  We caught up for about 10 seconds and then we went our separate ways.  However, not before I asked for his autograph...

Please enjoy some shots from the 2014 exhibition...

A nice shohin display.

Extreme ramification!

Very distinctive 'clouds' of foliage.

The pot was beautiful.

An interesting lower branch.

A penjing display.  

Straight and steady.

My favorite!

Loved this tree!  

Pretty amazing!

A brilliant elm forest.

A close up of the detail.

At the exhibition they also had a high quality display of suiseki - stones/rocks.  As you walk into the rock area, 10 tables were set up depicting Taiwanese foods made out of stones, pebbles, rocks!  It was unusual but you had to look.

And now for the bigger boys...

                                     It was a great exhibition that seems to get better every year!

I hope everything it working out for everybody out there.

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  1. Bit of a "rock star" moment for you! Don't lose that autograph!

    There were lots more brilliant works here...we'll have to go the couple of stops on the train this weekend to have a closer look. The "food rocks" were quirky!

  2. Got down there this weekend....wow!!
    It was quite wonderful...I didn't realise the trees were on such a grand scale. Another thing I didn't realize is how good your camera is.....you should see all my shots, overexposed and with those bright lights putting halos around everything.

    Thanks for the tip...we really enjoyed the show!

  3. Cheers Dave! Great to hear went down and checked out the scene. It was a definitely an assault on the senses.