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Welcome to All in One Bonsai...a blog that aims to remind me of what I have forgotten. Over the years I have been finding out as much as I can about the art of bonsai. I hope the information in this blog will shed some light to the beginning bonsai enthusiast out there.

I saw some bonsai trees at a corner market one night in Taipei and asked the guy if he was willing to teach me how to create these miniature trees. He directed me to a night school where all the instruction was in Chinese. My Chinese ability is very ordinary at the least so although I was learning bits and pieces, I really wasn't getting all I wanted from the course. The best parts were when the teacher would start pruning a beautiful tree or when he showed us how to repot a bonsai. The mystery was still out there but my interest wasn't waning, if anything it fueled my motivation to find out more. And so I did.

Let the adventure begin...

Recently I have discovered the joy of pottery. Bonsai and pottery are close friends so it was only a matter of time before I was introduced to her. Welcome to All in One Bonsai...and pottery.

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Monday, 10 December 2012

From the Root to the Fruit

From the Root to the Fruit

Yamingshan mountain is located in the north of Taipei.  The mountain is an old volcano dating back hundreds of years.  Being volcanic, the soil is rich and vegetation grows extremely well.
Escaping the busy streets of Taipei and venturing up in the mountain is a weekly routine for my girlfriend and I.  We were lucky enough to be given a small patch of dirt to experiment growing bonsai stock.
Humble beginnings

Waiting for the sun to work its magic

After buying 60 small juniper trees that were around 30 centimeters in length, I decided to plant them with the goal of thickening up the trunk.  Planting these junipers in the ground is the quickest way for them to grow thicker trunks and branches.  However, the trees will not develop intricate and fine branch tips.  This will only happen if the tree's growth is slowed down.  The slowing down of the growth happens once the tree is placed into a bonsai pot.  More on that later.  For now we want to experiment and see how quickly these small trees will grow .  At the moment it has just turned from Autumn into Winter.  I planted the trees in the last week of Autumn....on a cold and rainy day.

The idea is to plant them on an angle so there will be a first bend in the juniper's trunk.
You can see juvenile growth down the bottom where tree does not get as
 much sun compared to the top, healthy growth.

Attempting to wire a tree as it grows in the ground.
Apparently this is not the best thing to do as it inhibits the
rapid growth of the tree.

So far so good!

Healthy new scale like growth at the upper most tip of the tree. The chop sticks are used to stabilize the tree during strong winds.  The roots do not like being moved around at all!