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Bitten by the Bug

Welcome to All in One Bonsai...a blog that aims to remind me of what I have forgotten. Over the years I have been finding out as much as I can about the art of bonsai. I hope the information in this blog will shed some light to the beginning bonsai enthusiast out there.

I saw some bonsai trees at a corner market one night in Taipei and asked the guy if he was willing to teach me how to create these miniature trees. He directed me to a night school where all the instruction was in Chinese. My Chinese ability is very ordinary at the least so although I was learning bits and pieces, I really wasn't getting all I wanted from the course. The best parts were when the teacher would start pruning a beautiful tree or when he showed us how to repot a bonsai. The mystery was still out there but my interest wasn't waning, if anything it fueled my motivation to find out more. And so I did.

Let the adventure begin...

Recently I have discovered the joy of pottery. Bonsai and pottery are close friends so it was only a matter of time before I was introduced to her. Welcome to All in One Bonsai...and pottery.

Feel free to visit my site where you can purchase some of my handmade pottery. Quite a few pieces have been wood fired as it is the prefered method here in Taiwan:

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Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Painting With Fire

A Blank Canvas

I realize this blog is titled All in One Bonsai and Ceramics and my intention was to post more about bonsai since bonsai was the the reason I began posting.  However, pottery or ceramics have lately taken up a lot of my thinking.  I promise to write more about bonsai soon.  No doubt you are all on the edge of your seat!

I recently bought a pottery wheel so after work each day I spend a few hours throwing bits and pieces here and there.  Annie found a great little work room around the corner from where we live.  I was a little worried about dry clay becoming a health concern in our apartment.  Anyway, I have everything set up and it is working out well.

Last week a few of my things came back from a wood fired kiln in a place called Maoli, found in the middle of Taiwan.  I choose only to show you the two better pieces as the other 3 cups cracked in the kiln.  You can't get em all!

Enough talk...

A tea vase.  I plan to find a cork lid and pop it on top.  The challenge is finding one that will fit.

Another angle.

I was really happy with the result.  A nice mix of smooth glassy texture along side a slightly rougher feel.

Wood ash that has found its way on my pot in the kiln.  I placed my Chinese characters on this pot.

A coffee mug with no handle.  

The effect on the inside was also interesting.

The other side.

The ordinary photo gives you an idea how shiny this section of the mug turned out.

Fire, what a great artist it can be!

I hope your January went well.

Saturday, 10 January 2015

A Sleepy Hollow

Amsterdam or Doctor Seuss?

I was playing around with some clay a few weeks ago and decided to build a small house.  I wanted the house to be asymmetrical and wonky.  I have seen some houses in Amsterdam that had character and charm.  Many houses/apartments in the city looked as though they were on a lean.  That image has always stuck in my mind.  This is my version of a small town that has family and friends living close by and everyone gets along.  

I ended up making 22 of them!

I also wanted to test some new glazes out.


Surrounded by moss and a few small trees might be an idea.
Hope everyone is enjoying their Sunday!