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Welcome to All in One Bonsai...a blog that aims to remind me of what I have forgotten. Over the years I have been finding out as much as I can about the art of bonsai. I hope the information in this blog will shed some light to the beginning bonsai enthusiast out there.

I saw some bonsai trees at a corner market one night in Taipei and asked the guy if he was willing to teach me how to create these miniature trees. He directed me to a night school where all the instruction was in Chinese. My Chinese ability is very ordinary at the least so although I was learning bits and pieces, I really wasn't getting all I wanted from the course. The best parts were when the teacher would start pruning a beautiful tree or when he showed us how to repot a bonsai. The mystery was still out there but my interest wasn't waning, if anything it fueled my motivation to find out more. And so I did.

Let the adventure begin...

Recently I have discovered the joy of pottery. Bonsai and pottery are close friends so it was only a matter of time before I was introduced to her. Welcome to All in One Bonsai...and pottery.

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Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Taiwan Garden Juniper

Hello all.  Firstly, you may have noticed that there have been very few posts lately.  I apologize for that, however, Annie and I had a baby boy last month so things have been busy.  He is a healthy boy and sleeping at the moment so I have time for a short post.

Below is a picture of a local Taiwanese garden juniper that in early spring of 2015 I dug out of the ground.  It had been growing in the ground for about 2 years. I repotted it in some free draining soil and left it to recover on my rooftop.

This is an example of how small it was 2 and a half years ago.
In early spring of 2015 Jack and I dug some of these trees out of the ground.
I let the tree recover for 6 months, getting plenty of sunlight - over the spring and into the summer.  This is the same tree in June 29th 2015.  The foliage has grown tighter and it looks healthy.  I fertilized this tree every 3 or 4 weeks with an organic fertilizer.

I decided to begin creating a bonsai tree out of this stock.  I jinned the top section and gave the illusion of age by shariing the lower third of the tree (peeling bark off the tree).

I then wired all the branches and attempted to place them in a way that would evoke a feeling of  balance and also being old.  

I will now let the tree sit and grow for a while before I repot it in a nice plain pot in the spring of 2016.  

Time for a baby bath!  Man, how life changes.  

Take care out there.